Jibran: Are we facilitating the rapes of our children in some way?

January 11, 2018
Minerwa Tahir

By Minerwa Tahir

KARACHI: We need to ask ourselves if we are in some way facilitating the murderers of Faizan and Zainab and abusers of numerous children.

Civil society activist Jibran Nasir raised this important question while speaking to Samaa at the Karachi Press Club on Thursday. "Are we responsible for this society in which the child is unable to differentiate between their good and bad?" he asked.

According to him, when a child suffers sexual abuse, he or she can't tell the parents as the latter are bound in the shackles of misplaced perceptions of honor. "Conversation [on sexual abuse] does not take place in the house, on TV or in school," he said. "We need to have schools, funded by our taxes, to educate our children on sexual violence and sexual abuse. Our media and information ministries should sensitize parents via drama, TV, news and public service messages so that when children come home with a question on sexual abuse, parents are able to take those questions." He added that this will help us form a society in which the victim is not told to adopt silence but is supported while the culprit is the one who is left unable to face people out of shame.