The brave girl who crushed robbers under her car

KARACHI: Armed robberies have been plaguing Karachi since years with mobile thefts, car snatching and street robberies order of the day in the city. Disappointed with police performance, the citizens have started confronting with the criminal by beating them to death or setting on fire on the spot.

It’s a rare sight for the citizens to witness a girl fighting back after robbery incident. Mariam Nadir, a resident of Karachi, is among those brave girls who took a deadly revenge from robbers after being deprived of her cell phone.

She was rewarded by the Rangers for running over robbers on a bike and injuring them while she was in a car in Nazimabad.

“So there were 2 muggers who came to snatch my phone on Gun point while I was parking my car outside my Grandfather’s home while talking about something extreme important to someone and I asked that mugger to wait till I finish the call but surely they did not even misbehave with me but actually snatched my phone,” she said in her Facebook status on Dec 23.

“I slowly followed them, as that guy who had the gun put his gun back in his pants I pressed the accelerator with full force and hit them and kept driving until both of them got crushed under my car.”

“Having jumped outta my car I beat the shit out of them one guy ran away with my phone but thanks to the people around who followed him to my identified spots and caught him.”

“Moral of the story is don’t poke a girl who is already pissed over something and wouldn’t spare a minute to take her rage out on you.”