ATC grants Imran Khan pre-arrest bail in PTV attack case

January 2, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan was granted pre-arrest bail in the 2014 PTV attack case on Tuesday. 

According to details, the anti-terrorism court has accepted the cricketer-turned-politicians request for pre-arrest bail in the case.

Speaking to media personnel, Imran Khan said that it had been proven that he was not a terrorist. Imran further said that he was battling a mafia and the cases were a result of their influence.

“If I enter into a compromise with this mafia, all cases against me would be taken back,” he said.

Imran Khan said that he had been proven ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Ameen’ by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in its earlier judgment as well.

“I handed over to the court documents that dated back 40 years to prove my innocence,” he said.