Who is behind ‘Tanker Mafia’ in Karachi, asks Supreme Court

December 4, 2017

KARACHI: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday expressed anger at the failure of authorities in identifying the 'Tanker Mafia' responsible for the water crisis in the city.

The bench raised the issue during a hearing pertaining to the ban on construction of multi-storied buildings in the city. Proceedings of the case were being conducted in the Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

"The water crisis issue in Pakistan is turning into a bomb," remarked the Chief Justice. "Who is behind the Tanker Mafia in Karachi? There is someone behind the scenes at work who is minting money from it," he added.

The chief justice said that if there was no place to construct in the city then arrangements should be made to carry out construction in another city.

"Let the people of Karachi live," he said.

The legal representative of the builder said that his client that water arrangements would be met by digging a well.

The chief justice said in response,"For that to happen, the presence of water is necessary."

"What type of a state or governance is this? Till water is not supplied in adequate quantity we cannot allow the construction of multi-storied buildings," he said.

The chief justice said that he was disappointed upon hearing about the city's issues. He said that proper planning was carried out even before the construction of an animal's cage.

The attorney representing Aman Foundation appealed to the chief justice to permit construction of the non-profit organisation's hospital.

"Even a mosque is not constructed in an illegal manner," remarked the chief justice. "People over here are not getting water and you are concerned with a hospital."