Stoke your sense of nostalgia with these 11 vintage Pakistani ads

December 28, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

Gone are the days when newspapers featured black-and-white advertisements in newspapers with catchy Urdu taglines for products.

Stoke your sense of nostalgia with these vintage Pakistani ads from newspapers that take you back to the 60s, 70s and 80s when advertising was a different ball game altogether.

From Fox Wagoon cars to portable radios, here are advertisements for an array of products from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

1.  An ad for a Fox Wagon

You may just recall one of these cars from your childhood (or not) but the Fox Wagon sold quite a lot back in the day.

2. Brooke Bond Tea

Now we have an array of tea brands to choose from but in the Pakistan of yesteryear, Brooke Bond was one of the most popular brands of tea.

3. A portable radio advertisement

Back when there was no internet or coloured television sets for the masses, people used to consume their news and music from radios.

 4. Mercedes-Benz

Back when Mercedes Benz was quite simpler in design and had a different price tag to it altogether!

5. COSCO Talcum Powder

This advertisement not only promotes the talcum powder but also tells you how it guards your skin from pimples and other skin afflictions.

6. Ford Motorcar

This advertisement concerns a Ford Motorcar and special emphasis is also laid on the fact that the car can also be purchased on installments.

7. Toshiba television set

Back when television sets were manufactured by Toshiba.

“Benazir tasveer aur dil nasheen awaaz ke leeay” reads the advertisement.

8. Hair tonic

This was one of the most popular brands back in the day for people who wished to hide their ageing hair.

9. Pak-Air advertisement

This advertisement of Pak-Air airline features the departure and arrival timings of the flight in its newspaper ad.

10. Dentonic Tooth Powder for your toothaches

This advertisement of Dentonic Tooth Powder takes on the then-newly emerging trend of using toothbrushes.

“Khusoosan apne bachon ko toothbrush ke fashion ka shikar har giz na honay dein,” reads the ad.

11. Motorcycle advertisement

This motorcycle advertisement features a student on it and showcases the 90 C.C Honda model that, as the ad claims, won Japan’s Best Design Award for 1967.