SHOCKING: Here’s what female captives go through in Pakistani jails

December 7, 2017

CHINIOT: Conditions throughout jails in Pakistan prove to be nightmarish for female prisoners, according to recently-released Rani Bibi.

Rani Bibi has spent 19 years of her life languishing in Faisalabad jail for a crime she did not commit. Speaking to SAMAA TV, she exposed how female prisoners in the country are treated harshly in jails.

"We were not allowed to complain or ask any questions when a senior officer, judge or politician came on a visit to the jail," she said. "However if one did so, she would be slapped afterwards."

According to Rani Bibi, jail authorities pocket the money which is allocated for the food of prisoners. Female prisoners are also not allowed to eat to their fill.

"The Superintendent used to issue orders to give one boti to two women," she said. "Prisoners are unable to eat to their fill."

She further revealed that female prisoners are also made to work on an empty stomach, which in turn adds to their difficulties.

"The government should do something for these women--their cases should be heard and justice should be dispensed to them," she said. "Those who are not guilty should be immediately set free."

Rani Bibi said that while Faisalabad Jail was the worst place for female prisoners, women were treated well in Multan and Jhang jails.