Mashal Khan case takes a shocking turn as eyewitness records statement

December 7, 2017

MARDAN: The Mashal Khan murder case took a shocking turn on Thursday when Abdullah, the eyewitness in the lynching case, pardoned the suspects.

Abdullah had been severely injured by the suspects who had killed Mashal Khan. He is an eyewitness in the Mashal Khan lynching case and was a friend of the deceased student.

Abdullah recorded his statement in which he forgave the suspects via a video link from Haripur Central Jail.

However, experts are of the view that Abdullah’s statement will have no legal effect on the Mashal Khan murder case. Some legal experts are of the opinion that Abdullah’s statement will further solidify the case against the suspects since now the factor of intimidation of the witness could come into play.

After Abdullah’s statement, the anti-terrorism court hearing the Mashal Khan case suspended proceedings till a further date.

Mashal Khan and another student, Abdullah, were made the target of a brutal lynching when the former was accused of blasphemy and killed at Abdul Wali Khan University earlier this year.

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Iqbal Khan, father of slain Mardan University student Mashal Khan, demanding justice in the murder case of his son said that a reconciliation by any individual or Jirga would not be allowed.

“We will not allow any individual or Jirga for reconciliation in Mashal Khan murder case. If someone wants it then he should watch the videos of the brutal killing of my son,” Iqbal said talking to media after the hearing of  the murder case of Mashal Khan.

Replying to a question, he said there was no threat to Mashal Khan before his murder, but suddenly he was assassinated in daylight at the university.

Iqbal Khan said he wanted justice and was satisfied with the court’s proceedings.

He said we could not bring Mashal Khan back but this movement would help many others.

He said it was a test case for the government and judiciary and if they succeed it would portray a new image of the country in the world.

Iqbal Khan stated that neither he received any financial help nor was he or his family offered foreign nationality.