Assailants open fire inside sessions court in Hyderabad, injure suspect

December 7, 2017

HYDERABAD: Two assailants opened fire at a sessions court in Hyderabad on Thursday, despite the presence of police officials and walk-through gates.

According to details, the assailants opened fire on a suspect in a murder case named Moharram Jamali. As soon as Jamali walked out of the court's vicinity, the assailants broke into the premises of the court and opened fire on him.

The injured suspect was taken to the hospital in a police vehicle since an ambulance was not available at the court. After the firing incident occurred, all legal activities were postponed and suspects were returned to police custody.

Lawyers protested against the firing incident that took place, questioning the professional capabilities of security personnel deployed at the court.

"How can two armed suspects enter the court's vicinity and flee with impunity in broad daylight?" asked one lawyer.

Lawyers and the sessions court staff have asked for additional security from the government in the wake of the firing incident.