Parliament refused to adopt black laws, acts of dictators: Nawaz

November 22, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: Chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said it was very satisfying that a large number of members in the Parliament were not ready to protect the black laws and black acts of dictators.

Talking to media here outside the Accountability Court, he said, "this stance by the Parliament was satisfying for all the democracy loving people of Pakistan and for those who respect opinion of the people and understand that Pakistan was established through a democratic struggle. Only democracy can ensure prosperity in Pakistan."

He said, "We will ensure the respect and strength of the vote as the country cannot move forward without it. This is my belief and that's why I am continuously giving this message. And I fully believe in Allah that till the next elections this message will reach every home, every family and every person."

He congratulated PML-N and the allied parties for taking decision on principles and rejected the black law of the dictators, on the floor of the house.

"This is a big development and I think that this is an eye opener for those who do not follow the path of democracy."

He said he had no complaints against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as it had nothing to do with democracy and always adopted policies of dictators. PTI was not a democratic or a political party, he added.

PTI leadership was lying and levelling baseless allegations, the PMLN leader remarked.

Nawaz Sharif said it was painful to see that PPP supported a law made by dictators.

Questions were being raised about the democratic credentials of PPP, he said adding, "I do not think that PPP, which went through a struggle, should forget all so easily."

He said PPP made all the sacrifices but then it supported a black law of dictators.

He said sit ins were continuing in one form or the other since 2014 and "the government is not allowed to work".

Talking about court cases, he said decisions against them were taken in haste and double standards were adopted in the courts and words like Godfather and Sicilian mafia were used for them.

He said the country went through martial laws in 1958, 1977 and 1999 and now the world has changed in 2017 and the dictator who came in 1999 has disappeared and he could not find the courage to enter Pakistan today.

This is change and this process will go to its logical conclusion, he said adding in the last four and a half years, prosperity came to the country. – APP