MQM will remain with its name, manifesto and symbol: Kanwar Naveed

November 9, 2017

KARACHI: MQM-Pakistan Deputy Convener Kanwar Naveed said on Thursday that the party will remain with its manifesto, election symbol and name.

Speaking to media personnel after presiding over an important meeting of the party, Naveed said that the entire Rabita Committee had placed confidence in the leadership of Sattar.

"Some confusions were created after yesterday's joint press conference," he said. "I urge all workers of MQM-Pakistan and office-bearers of the party not to heed any rumours," he added.

Kanwar Naveed stated that the party would not only retain its name but also its election symbol and manifesto.

"MQM will contest the next election with the same name, manifesto and election symbol that is the kite," he said. "MQM will continue to remain as it was before," he added.

Kanwar Naveed said that the party had formed an alliance with PSP for election 2018. He said that MQM would not form a coalition with anyone over the seats it will win.

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Senior MQM-Pakistan leader Amir Khan said on Thursday that he categorically rejected the demand to dissolve MQM and contest elections under a new symbol or party.

“I am standing by the name of MQM and its election symbol,” he said. “Will disclose my next plan of action after meeting with the Rabita Committee.”

Mustafa Kamal had announced that the two parties would unite and fight the upcoming election under a new party, with a new election symbol and a new name.

This, Kamal said, was to prevent the vote bank of the Urdu speaking community from being divided in Sindh especially its urban cities.