Mustafa Kamal hits back at Farooq Sattar

November 11, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

Karachi: At a fiery press conference, Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chief Mustafa Kamal on Saturday responded Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan chief Farooq Sattar.


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2:50 pm - Mustafa Kamal assured that there will be no fighting between PSP and MQM. “We will clock all graveyards, nobody will be killed. The people of Karachi should not be worry; there will be no fight between us.”

2:25 pm - Kamal said Farooq Sattar helped Rangers identify MQM’s women supporters who were wanted to law-enforcers after attack on media houses.

2:20 pm - Mustafa Kamal said ‘mothers are respectable, they should not be dragged into politics’.

02:05 pm - "Today 17 out of 20 MNAs of Karachi belong to MQM-P. They have many MPAs in Sindh Assembly and majority of representatives in all local bodies but they are still seeking sacrifice of Mohajirs.”

02:00 pm - He said Farooq Sattar is not struggling for the cause of Mohajirs, adding that MQM-P is enjoying the mandate of Mohajirs but exploiting it.

01:50 pm - Why will not I support the establishment, it’s of my country, and not of India: Kamal said. "Establishment is not doing anything wrong by eliminating RAW from the country."

Establishment arranged meeting between us and Farooq Sattar: Mustafa Kamal

01:45 pm - He claimed that MQM-Pakistan was ‘founded’ by then DG Rangers Sindh.

01:45 pm - Kamal said his colleague Anees Qaimkhani was also approached by MQM-P to quit PSP and defect to MQM-P.

01:40 pm - We did not invite Farooq Sattar and his companions, instead they forced us to join hands and make an alliance in the wake of defection of their own MNAs and MPAs, he said.

01:40 pm - Kamal said MQM-P’s leadership has leaked news to media about meetings which held between PSP and MQM-P leaders under the patronage of establishment.

"Farooq Sattar should have spoken against Altaf Hussain while standing on the grave of Dr Imran Farooq, whose killer is none other than Altaf Hussain... Farooq Sattar has seen those files."

01:35 pm - Have they disassociated themselves with Altaf Hussain? This is the question. Why has he [Farooq Sattar] not spoken even a single word against Altaf Hussain since heading MQM-P? Kamal

01:30 pm - How can we dubbed as agents of establishment and agencies, only on the grounds that we have kept silent? Kamal

01:25 pm - They demanded my party’s merger with MQM but I clarified that I can’t join MQM because the party is still under the influence of its founder Altaf Hussain: Kamal

01:25 pm - He dismissed the notion that establishment is supporting PSP. “It’s just a hypothesis for which there is no evidence,” he said.

01:20 pm - Since Aug 22, 2016, Farooq Sattar has been demanding PSP's merger with MQM-Pakistan group with the help of establishment: Kamal

01:20 pm - "But the truth is that Farooq Sattar has been contacting us with the help of establishment for last eight months. I'm not an agent. Farooq Sattar spoke half lie but I will speak complete truth today," Kamal said.

"Impression is being created that Farooq Sattar was kidnapped a night before the press conference and the other day he was forced to hold the news conference."

01:20 pm - This perception was created by Farooq Sattar that establishment is behind PSP.

01:15 pm - It was a comedy show and flip-flop by Farooq Sattar in last 48 hours: Mustafa Kamal

01:10 pm - I’m here to give my point of view on recently held drams and politics and allegations leveled by our opponents over the past two days: Mustafa Kamal said.