Faisal Vawda didn’t inform party about MQM-PSP meeting: Imran

November 14, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan said on Tuesday that party leader Faisal Vawda had attended the MQM-PSP meeting without informing him or anyone else.

Speaking exclusively in Nadeem Malik Live, Imran said that he had heard about Faisal Vawda being present in MQM-PSP meetings from Nadeem Malik's program.

"Arif Alvi, who is the President of our party's Sindh chapter, will conduct an inquiry into this matter," he said. "Faisal Vawda did not inform anyone that he would be attending the MQM-PSP meetings," he added.

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MQM-P leader Khawaja Izhar had said that he could not answer the question whether Faisal Vawda was present in the PSP-MQM meetings or not since he had held them with his party chief Farooq Sattar and other leaders belonging to Mustafa Kamal's party.

"If anyone else was also present in the meeting then I did not meet them," he said.