SHOCKING: This man hired mercenaries to have his own mother killed

October 13, 2017

LAHORE: A son had his own mother killed by mercenaries only for the sake of property, it was revealed on Thursday. 

According to details, suspect Waqas hired assassins to murder his mother out of greed for property. Speaking to SAMAA TV, Waqas confessed that his mother had gifted the property in his name but then had it changed back to her's.

"It was then that we decided that enough was enough," he said.

Police stated that the mercenaries were supposed to shoot Nadeema to death but at the end time, the pistol did not fire.

"It was then that they strangled her to death with her own scarf," said a police official.

The fingerprints of the suspect along with other evidence from the scene of the crime indicated to the police that Waqas was involved in the murder of his own mother.

Reportedly, Waqas had paid the mercenaries Rs 20,000