SHOCKING: Divorce cases on the rise in Karachi–here’s why…

October 27, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

KARACHI: Divorce cases are on the rise in the city, with records revealing as many as 15,000 khula cases registered during the current year.

According to experts, divorce cases have been rising in Karachi as well as other cities such as Lahore due to social media.

"Nowadays young boys and girls befriend each other on social media," said an expert. "However, a few weeks into their marriage, they realise that what they told each other on social media is not what the reality is," she added.

According to records, as many as 6,000 khula cases have been registered in Lahore during the current year. Another expert blamed court marriages for the problem as well as the practice of getting young girls married in rural areas.

"In rural areas you have as many as five to six children in each family," said the expert. "Hence, parents want to get their children married as early as possible," he added.