In pictures: Celebrating Diwali in Karachi

October 20, 2017

By Danish Hafeez

KARACHI: Hindus and Sikhs celebrated the ‘Festival of Lights’ Diwali on Thursday with religious zeal and enthusiasm. 

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Here are some pictures from Karachi’s Sri Swaminarayan temple where Hindus and Sikhs both celebrated the joyous occasion.

Diyas–The cornerstone of Diwali everywhere around the world

An idol adorned with lights

Taking a break from worship, devotees take selfies with the idol

Lightin ’em up: Devotee prepares to make the best use of a firecracker

BANG: No Diwali is complete without firecrackers


The young and old come together to celebrate the joy of Diwali

Sikh devotee celebrates Diwali in the temple

Inside the Gurdwara: A beautiful structure decorated with flowers

Inside the Gurdwara 2: Sikh devotees inside the temple

Inside the Gurdwara 3: A place for resting


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