Police arrest bus conductor who assaulted deaf, dumb children

October 13, 2017

LAHORE: Police on Friday arrested the bus conductor who had assaulted deaf, dumb children in a school bus earlier during the day. 

According to details, the bus conductor denied all charges against him and said that he was simply playing with the child and not assaulting him.

A disgusting video went viral in which a bus conductor can be seen slapping and assaulting deaf, dumb children.

The video, shot from within the bus, clearly shows the conductor repeatedly slapping a deaf and dumb child.

"What will you say to your father?" says the angry conductor to the brother of the deaf, dumb boy who was being slapped.

Another boy can be seen in the video, hung upside down inside the bus as he cries profusely and is slapped by the conductor as well.

According to reports, the bus belonged to a school located in Lahore's Gulberg area.