Aizaz welcomes recovery of US citizen, family

October 13, 2017

ISLAMABAD:Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Aizaz Chaudhry Thursday welcomed successful rescue of US citizen Caitlan Coleman and her family from terrorists’ captivity.

According to a statement received here, the envoy wished to extend warm felicitations to Ms. Coleman’s family and her loved ones in the United States and Canada, adding “No one should have to experience the pain and anguish that Ms. Coleman and her family had been put through in the past years. I am delighted that their ordeal is finally over.”

Ms. Coleman and her family were captured by terrorists from Afghanistan in 2012 and kept as hostages there.

Pakistan’s security forces acted within hours on the basis of actionable intelligence on hostages’ shifting across to Pakistan. Their action constitutes yet another successful effort by Pakistan’s security services against the terrorists.

Coleman‘s successful rescue operation is a testimony of results that can be achieved through cooperation and team work. “Cooperation is the most effective way to defeat terrorism, “ said the statement.