Sharif family files petition to fix Panama review petition before five-member bench

September 11, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: The children of former prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Monday filed a petition to postpone hearing of Panama papers case review petition fixed for hearing on Tuesday before the three-member bench and prayed the court to fix the matter before the five-member larger bench.

The petition submitted by Advocate Salman Akram Raja through Advocate-on-Record (AOR) Syed Riffat Hussain Shah stated that the review petition had been filed against the three-member bench’s judgment of July 28, as a matter of abandont caution to obviate the possibility of a technical objection in case the five-member bench, which had passed as per this court’s record, the final order of the court dated July 28 in the titled case, upholds the petitioner’s objections raised in the earlier/already filed review petition No. 308/2017 to the effect that the five-member bench did not have the jurisdiction to announce the judgment.

The petition stated that the legal proposition as to whether the five-member bench had the jurisdiction to pass the final order of the court dated July 28 in light of grounds taken in the review petition No. 308/2017, falls for determination and can only be adjudicated by the five-member bench, which actually passed the said order and not by a three-member bench. – APP