Attendance at KU thins as knife attacker remains at large in Karachi

September 28, 2017

KARACHI: As panic and fear gripped the city on Thursday since the knife attacker that has been targeting women remains at large, attendance at Karachi University remained low. 

Female students at Karachi University are scared stiff of the unknown attacker that has been stabbing women since the past two days. As a result, the attendance of women at the university has remained low.

Female students of Karachi University have demanded additional security in light of the recent attacks. The female students who did show up, arrived at the university with their parents or siblings.

Two of the four injured victims of the attacker have disclosed that the suspect wore a black shirt and helmet at the time he attacked them.

Also, the knife attacker approaches the women from behind on a motorcycle and escapes after stabbing them.

So far, police are clueless about the identity of the attacker.