Ansarul Sharia Pakistan chief arrested

September 6, 2017


KARACHI: Ansarul Sharia Pakistan’s (ASP) chief, Sheheryar alias Dr Abdullah Hashmi, has been arrested along with a Karachi commander of the terrorist outfit in different raids across the city.

According to the police, a network of terrorists from Karachi University has been uncovered, whose chief, a lecturer and a student of Master’s programme, has been arrested. He used to radicalize students at the varsity, said the police, adding that a student and a Karachi commander of ASP have also been taken into custody.

Law enforcers claimed that the ASP chief used to get targeted killing tasks from abroad and that he was also involved in planning attacks in Balochistan. According to them, a group of ASP also operates in Balochistan’s Wadh area in Khuzdar. Law enforcers said that the alleged terrorists used to travel to Afghanistan via Wadh.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account of ASP, which was used to accept responsibility for terrorist attacks, has been blocked while private messages received from the accounts associated with the outfit are being investigated.