Live Updates, Day 4: Ousted PM to announce next plan on Aug 14

August 12, 2017
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LAHORE: Wrapping up his four-day homecoming Islamabad-t0-Lahore rally, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said that he would announce his next plan on August 14.

Addressing a mammoth gathering of supporters in Lahore on Saturday night, Nawaz Sharif said: "we will have to change the constitution and system to protect democratically elected governments."

"You made me the Prime Minister with the power of your vote but five people sent me packing". "They have disqualified me because I did not withdraw salary from my son. So what if I did not take the salary from my son. It's none of your business," Sharif said.

"Are those who declared me disqualified themselves qualified?" he questioned.  "Will Pakistan change or not? We have become a laughing stock in the world," he said.

"From 1947 till now, all prime ministers were meted with humiliating treatment. On the other hand, three dictators had wasted 30 precious years ."

Pakistan, he emphasized, will have to change. The passion of this crowd is precursor of the revolution. "There is no country like Pakistan in this region where a prime minister voted to power is dismissed and not allowed to complete his term."

"Is there any difference between Pakistan of 2013 and 2017? If yes, I should have been applauded for my efforts," he said.

"Do you think that the monopoly of a few people should undo the power of 200 million people."

He lamented that there was neither social justice nor legal justice in the country.

19: 00:  Sharif's convoy reaches Shahadra

The rally being led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on GT Road has reached Shahadra area of Lahore. Thousands of people have greeted the deposed premier in his hometown of Lahore.

Sharif will wrap up his rally at Data Darbar, where larger numbers of people have gathered.

Addressing the gathering, Nawaz Sharif asked his supporters whether they accepted the decision of his disqualification to which they replied in negative. "We will together change the fate of this country. But you will have to support me in my mission," he said.

"I was disqualified for failing to draw salary from my children," he lamented. He reiterated his commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people.

3:25 pm - The caravan is about to depart from Muridke for Lahore. The next small town on the route is Kala Shah Kaku.

3:25 pm - “This country is of 20 crore people, and not the property of a few people. I believe that you will join hands with me, and we will go side by side in this struggle,” he concluded his emotional speech.

“Do you accept the humiliation of you prime minister? It has defamed Pakistan in the world. So, shouldn’t a revolution come in Pakistan? Will you support me for the change from the core of your heart? I promise that I will always be loyal with you. Nawaz Sharif will never cheat you,” he said.

Country’s journey towards prosperity has come to a halt, he claimed.

“They say Nawaz Sharif has not get salary from his son, what’s wrong it? A few people tear up your votes, do you accept it?” he asked.

“You have sent Nawaz Sharif to Islamabad as a prime minister, but he was ousted by someone else, do you agree with this decision? There isn’t any proof of my corruption or misapplication in state funds.”

“I have never witnessed such spirit. Don’t be worried, you will win. You, the 20 crore people, are the real owner of Pakistan, a handful of people can’t be the owner of the country,” he said.

Nawaz Sharif Speech Kamoki 12-08

3:05 pm - Nawaz Sharif addressing a large gathering of supporters in Muridke where his caravan has just reached.

3:05 pm - Nawaz Sharif addressing a large gathering of supporters in Muridke where his caravan has just reached.

2:55 pm - The PML-N caravan led by former PM Nawaz Sharif entered Muridke, 33 kilometres from Lahore. A large number of supporters welcomed the procession in the town.

2:20 pm - The caravan crossed Kamoki and is heading to Sadhoki, around eight kilometres away, on the GT Road. Its next destinations are Muridke and Kala Shah Kaku areas before entering Lahore.

[caption id="attachment_1182691" align="alignnone" width="640"]WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 2.23.08 PM PML-N welcome camps set up in Muridke[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1182692" align="alignnone" width="640"]WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 2.23.09 PM PML-N welcome camps set up in Muridke[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1182696" align="alignnone" width="640"]WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 2.23.10 PM PML-N welcome camps set up in Muridke[/caption]

1:55 pm - A vehicle in Nawaz Sharif’s procession hit two persons near Kamoki area. They were shifted to hospital. The incident occurred a day after one of the caravan vehicles run over a boy and an elderly man on way to Gujranwala.

Video: Nawaz Sharif’s caravan hits two more people

Qafla Accident Gujranwala Ex 12-08

1:45 pm - Nawaz Sharif’s cavalcade reaches Kamoki area, 14 kilometres from Gujranwala.

1:00 pm – Apparently due to security reasons, police have sealed all shops and markets in Shahadra, a northern suburb of Lahore situated on the northern side of the Ravi River.

12:50 pm - A suspected person was shifted to an undisclosed location for interrogation.

12:40 pm - A suspicious person was arrested outside Data Darbar in Lahore where a large stage has been set up for PML-N’s public meeting. Welcome camps have also been set up for Nawaz Sharif’s rally.

Nawaz Sharif Cam2 New Kamoki 12-08 Heli Pmln Mureedkay 12-08

12:00 pm - Nawaz Sharif's caravan departed from Gujranwala for Lahore.

11:10 am - After departing from Gujranwala, the cavalcade will pass through Eminabad, Kamoki, Sadhoki, Muridke and Kala Shah Kaku areas before entering Lahore.

11:00 am - The ex-PM, before leaving for Lahore, held consultation with senior party leaders on the final phase of his rally in the major political activity at his hometown, Lahore.


On the fourth day of political power show, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is set to resume his homecoming journey today (Saturday) from Gujranwala where his caravan reached last night.

Accompanied by a large number of supporters as well as PML-N leaders and cabinet members, the ex-PM’s caravan will continue to move towards Lahore via GT Road in a show of political power.

In Lahore, massive arrangements have been made to welcome Nawaz Sharif in the PML-N stronghold where a large stage has been set up for public meeting near Data Darbar.


PML-N Caravan: Day 3

Yesterday, the rally received warm welcome on its arrival at Gujranwala, another stronghold of the ruling PML-N.

Addressing the crowd, Nawaz Sharif said it is an irony that no elected Prime Minister was allowed to complete his constitutional term.


He claimed that not a shred of corruption has been proved against him.

Nawaz Sharif said no one can oust him from people's hearts.

"I will never forget this massive show of love and affection for my entire life. I am blessed by the love of Gujranwala."

"I wanted to go to Lahore today. By I was stopped by Gujranwala. When I was leading a long march to restore judges and when I reached Gujranwala, judges were restored."

"You had made Nawaz Sharif the prime minister and now Nawaz Sharif has been thrown out," he said. "My mission is not to become the prime minister, but my question is why I was ousted?" – Samaa