Non-cooperation with JIT will result in serious consequences: SC

June 19, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan said on Monday that non-cooperation with the Joint Investigation Team would entail serious consequences.

During the proceedings of the Panama Leaks implementation case, the Supreme Court of Pakistan asked Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency to oversee the matter of the alleged record tampering of important documents.

"Public office holders are targeting the Supreme Court," said Justice Sheikh Azmat. "Media and government officials are running an organised campaign," he added.

The judge further said that it was the time to ask questions as to what was the mandate and responsibility of the Intelligence Bureau.

"Does the IB collect data related to us as well? How can I accept that we are also not monitored?" asked Justice Sheikh Saeed Azmat.

When the Attorney General rejected the allegations of the Joint Investigation Team levelled at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and the Intelligence Bureau, Justice Ejaz Afzal took him to task.

"You are the representative of the federation and not the Prime Minister," he said.

The Supreme Court bench ordered the Joint Investigation Team to not pay any attention to the media and focus on its findings.

Proceedings of the case were postponed till Tuesday and members of the Joint Investigation Team were excused by the court from appearing tomorrow.