Youngster found dead under mysterious circumstances in Karachi

May 19, 2017
Samaa Web Desk


KARACHI: A youngster was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Karachi’s Mehmoodabad, Samaa reported on Friday.

According to details, body of Shalem Kamran, 24, was found in a flat at Karachi’s Mehmoodabad area where he supposedly was celebrating a party on Saturday night.

The deceased’s sister Shunem Kamran said that her brother informed her that he was heading to his best friend Ahmed Paracha’s house at the Sea View apartments and would return next morning to celebrate Mother’s Day with their mother.

Shunem further stated that he would never lie to her as she was his twin and best friend. She went on to say that her brother would have told her that he was going to Mehmoodabad.

She stated that the statements of Shalem’s friends are different from each other which is creating doubt and confusion.

Narrating the events which happened on the night, Shunem stated that her brother came home at 10.00 pm and was receiving texts to come to the party early.

She stated that she received a call from one of her brother’s friends called next morning and calmly informed her that Shalem has died due to a heart attack. According to her, she first thought someone was playing a joke on her but Ahmed’s brother-in-law asked whether if they should bring the body to Jinnah hospital of National Medical Centre.

She also said no one his friends, who had invited him to the party, turned up at the hospital with the dead body but three of them came later in the hospital with different stories.

The autopsy report concluded that no traces of alcohol were found inside the dead body and there were no injuries to his heart and throat. A chemical analysis was suggested to ascertain the cause of death.

One of the suspects is said to be arrested.