Pakistani mountaineer abandons Everest expedition to assist injured companion

May 29, 2017


ISLAMABAD: Mountaineer and Goodwill Ambassador for WWF Pakistan, Sa’ad Mohamed has abandoned his quest to conquer the summit of Mount Everest in order to assist his injured Pakistani compatriot. 

According to a local report, Sa’ad’s compatriot and seasoned climber Col Abdul Jabbar Bhatti had conquered the summit and was on his way down when he ran out of bottled oxygen. Bhatti had also been stricken by a frostbite after he had to spend 8,500 feet above at the altitude.

“The expedition manager said it would be better if I called off my attempt to summit Everest and assist my fellow Pakistani climber, who was in dire need of medical assistance,” said Sa’ad while speaking to a an English daily.

Sa’ad has taken part in an expedition led by Bhatti before, when the two participated in the 10-member Pakistan-China Friendship expedition on Spantik Peak.

Though Sa’ad was disappointed, he did understand that helping his fellow was more important.

“It did not make sense to me, but helping my fellow climber overwhelmed all other priorities,” he said regarding abandoning his quest to help Bhatti.


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