Indian woman terms Tahir’s allegations bundle of lies

May 19, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

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ISLAMABAD: Indian national Uzma on Friday submitted para-wise comments in response to the petition of her Pakistani husband, Tahir Ali, before the Islamabad High Court.

The Indian woman filed the reply through First Secretary of the High Commission of India, Dr Piyush Singh. Malik Shahnawaz Noon along with his client Uzma appeared before the the registrar office for signing the documents.

In the written reply Uzma through his counsel clearly stated that she never asked Tahir to come over to India for marriage and she “never agreed to proposal of the petitioner.”

She alleged that Uzma was allegedly threatened to be killed, harassed and badly humiliated by Tahir and forced to sign the Nikah Nama.

She never agreed to transform her acquaintance with Tahir into marriage and whatever he was saying was nothing but “muddle of lies” and “jumble of lies”.

Uzma alleged that she was given sleeping pills and Tahir allegedly assaulted her after he received her from the Wagha.

While rejecting the allegation of the petitioner Uzma said that she had been given shelter and security by the High Commission of India.

Earlier the Islamabad High Court directed registrar office to club Indian citizen Uzma and her Pakistani husband Tahir’s plea and adjourned the case till May 22.

Justice Mohsin Akhter Kayani issued notices to the litigants, while hearing the Tahir’s petition, requested the court to allow the couple to meet privately.

Fazal Elahi counsel for the Tahir argued the court to bar Uzma from travelling back to India till the decision of the instant matter.

He observed that Uzma had made false allegations against his client under pressure. – APP