SAMAA poll: This is how people reacted to Panama Leaks verdict

April 20, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

Social media

KARACHI: Soon after the Panama Leaks verdict was announced, people responded effectively to a SAMAA poll that put forth the question to people on Facebook and Twitter, inducing an overwhelming response. 

A plethora of comments were received in response to SAMAA’s poll, “How do you see the decision of the Panama case?”

Some were of the view that the Prime Minister had lost all credibility and should resign after the verdict.

“PM should resign as no judge gave him clean chit,” said one Twitter user.

“SC verdict is not in favor of PML-N at all. All PTI needs to do is to make people realize what has the Supreme Court has said,” stated another on Twitter.

“I don’t understand what patwari are happy for? 2 judges voted for disqualification of Nawaz and 3 ordered more investigation as they were not satisfied. So, which part is victory for Nawaz?” asked a Facebook user. 

There were some however, who supported Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and spoke in favour of him after the verdict was announced.

“I think this is all a drama against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. His era and tenure has been better than Asif Zardari’s,” stated one Facebook user.

“A very good decision as Sheikh Rasheed, PTI and JI failed to prove Nawaz Sharif guilty,” said a Twitter user.

The comments keep on coming in and the people are voicing their views regarding the judgment on the Panama Leaks case. Let us know what you think about the verdict.