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Promoting inclusion through vocational training

March 10 , 2017

aman foundation

KARACHI: The Aman Foundation joined hands with disability organizations – Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP) and NOWPDP to facilitate vocational training opportunities at The Aman Foundation.

This collaboration, titled ‘Project SHAHPAR’ was announced and commemorated at the Unified Sports event (also marking the finale of the Aman Sports Gala 2017) held at the Aman Foundation’s Head Office.

While welcoming the guests, Ali Tareen, Program Associate at NOWPDP said, “Persons with disabilities are equally capable as long as opportunities are constantly facilitated for them. We are proud to join hands with The Aman Foundation and look forward to more of these partnerships.”

Special-needs talented athletes from Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP) also demonstrated their sportsmanship in a football match between them and Aman employees. Their achievements were celebrated along with a few words of encouragement by representatives of the respective organizations. Winning teams and individuals who participated in the Aman Sports Gala received trophies during the award ceremony.

Adil Visram, Special Athlete at SOP remarked, “People like us have to get used to being stared at. It’s uncomfortable, but we’ve come a long way. There is more for us to do now, more opportunities. This event was one of them.”

Raheela Zarmeen, Manager of Women’s National Football Team, was present to support the cause. Fans took pictures with her and shared their experiences.

Ahmad Jalal, CEO, The Aman Foundation encouraged persons with disabilities to focus and work harder in life to eventually realize their dreams.- PR


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