Musharraf advised fusion surgery abroad

March 16, 2016

ISLAMABAD: Doctors involved in treatment of former President Pervez Musharraf have suggested his fusion surgery as the ex-military ruler, who is facing charges of high treason in Pakistan, had complained of chronic back pain, Samaa reported Wednesday.

The report was submitted today before a larger bench of the Supreme Court that is hearing Musharraf’s petition regarding removal of his name from Exit Control List (ECL).

The bench later delivered its brief verdict, upholding a previous decision of Sindh High Court in which the court had allowed Musharraf to fly abroad for treatment.

Mush report EX 16-03

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“General (r) Pervez Musharraf was admitted today in (Dr. Ziauddin) hospital. He was complaining of severe back pain and left leg radiculopathy and numbness. He has these episodes frequently for the last one month and was admitted twice in another hospital in Karachi…. On examination, his straight leg raise and tension sign was positive on the left side. There was weakness on the left dorsiflexion of the foot and he has altered sensation on the left foot as compared to the right…” said a medical report prepared by Dr. M Sohail Rafi, Consultant Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon in Karachi.

“Considering his severe pain in the lower back and left leg radiculopathy, we gave him an epidural injection single shot… His pain responded to some extent… This is a temperature management for his pain and in my opinion he needs fusion surgery…” the report further said.

About reason of the surgery abroad, the doctor said “the latest minimally invasive pedicle screw fixation under the spine navigation system and motor evoked potentials monitoring system is not available till date in Pakistan. I would recommend him to undergo this surgery and the kind of numbness and slight weakness on the left foot him in the urgency to get this operation as soon as possible.” -  Samaa

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