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Agriculture bank chief wants names of loan defaulters made public

SAMAA | - Posted: Jun 3, 2020 | Last Updated: 1 month ago
Posted: Jun 3, 2020 | Last Updated: 1 month ago
Agriculture bank chief wants names of loan defaulters made public

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The head of the Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited wants the names of defaulters made public. His order to employees of the banks violates the federal government’s call for relief in debt payments amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The bank CEO expressed frustration over the “poor performance” of field officers in recovering money from borrowers during an Economic Coordination Committee meeting on Monday.

He asked his bank managers and other senior officials to be in touch with the defaulters via WhatsApp, keep a track of their live location and share that in their office group during working hours (10am to 4:30pm).

The CEO has asked bank officials to utilise their contacts and relationships for this. He also wants them to publicise the borrowers’ information in newspapers, television, distribute pamphlets and even stick them in public places.

Mosque prayer leaders could also be asked to announce their names on loud speakers. He also suggested having transgender persons go door to door to announce their names.

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One Comment

  1. AK  June 4, 2020 6:18 am/ Reply

    It is also worth highlighting performance of the bank and comparing the current recovery and disbursement to that of previous years. It will be noticeable that since Shahbaz Jameel took over as President of ZTBL, performance of the bank has gone down the hill. He may blame Covid-19 for this but bank’s performance performing poorly since before the pandemic after Shahbaz Jameel took over.

    The likely reason for poor performance of the bank could be wrong priorities of the chief. The current president has focussed on misusing his position and pursuing personal vendettas soon after he took charge, examples of which are transferring some of the senior and experienced officials of the bank including those who contended with him for the President/CEO position, to places far from the Head Office. Furthermore, incompetent officers have instead been rewarded and promoted to senior positions due to being personal friends of the current president, this includes the current Chief Internal Auditor who was promoted to EVP, as was his brother in law, which shows the current president is facilitating a certain group, which are his personal friends and is inconveniencing those who have personal differences with the President or his cronies. No surprise the bank is performing poorly with such misuse of authority and treating a state-owned bank as a family business.

    The government must take notice of the several violations which have taken place by the senior management, who have had no regard for the health and wellbeing of ZTBL employees. Employees have been transferred to far away stations during the lockdown when the government advised against travelling; Around 35 of ZTBL employees have been terminated during the pandemic despite government directing not to sack anyone during the lockdown; and as this article mentions ZTBL is not providing relief to debtors in violation to govt. directives.
    Harassing and insulting the defaulters by using such tactics is highly unprofessional and suggestions like using the transgenders cannot be expected from professionals. Relevant to poor performance of the bank under the current President, the government must investigate the targeting and victimisation of employees by the senior management without following due process. ZTBL is a public organisation and the people running it should be held accountable. Requesting friends in some newspapers to publish an article praising Shahbaz Jameel and labelling other employees as corrupt without unbiased enquiry does not hide incompetence.

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