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Earning millions through YouTube is possible but not easy

September 14, 2019
Earning millions through YouTube is possible but not easy
YouTube has become an attractive platform to earn money.
But the biggest question for new YouTubers is how to grow their channel and how to attract more traffic. SAMAA Money Editor Farooq Baloch gives you few pro tips on how to build your audience on YouTube.
Content is king
Ask yourself this questionwhy would someone bother to spend 10 minutes watching your video? They’ll only do so if you add some value to their life, some useful information or entertainment. Successful YouTubers either inform people or entertain them.
Know your niche
Content creation on YouTube is diverse – it ranges from Microsoft Word tutorials to classical music and tech reviews to celebrity gossip. In this ocean of content, what should you make? The answer is simple: the thing you are best at. What are you interested in and what do you enjoy doing for hours on end?
You might be interested in football, fashion, politics, video games or gadgets and can start helping people with your expertise on a topic of your interest by making videos on YouTube. And those videos could earn you a lot of money.


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