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Anti-inflammatory, nausea, heartburn medications recalled by Punjab drug control unit

SAMAA | - Posted: Dec 14, 2019 | Last Updated: 8 months ago
Posted: Dec 14, 2019 | Last Updated: 8 months ago
Anti-inflammatory, nausea, heartburn medications recalled by Punjab drug control unit

Photo: AFP

Punjab’s drug control unit recalled some common medicines on Thursday based on the recommendations of the provincial quality control board.

These include medicines used to treat various conditions such as inflammation, nausea, heavy bleeding and heartburn as well as a common antibiotic and a contraceptive pill.

They are:

  • injection Dexamethasone HG-0419 made by Venus Pharma, Lahore (steroid injection for allergies, skin conditions and arthritis )
  • injection Valron (Diclofenac Sodium 75mg/3ml) HG-0619, HG-0219 by Venus Pharma, Lahore (NSAID used for pain and arthritis)
  • injection Visodic (Diclofenac Sodium 75mg/3mL) 419416, 419417 by Vision Pharmaceuticals, Islamabad (NSAID used for pain and arthritis)
  • injection Mariadin (Ranitidine 25mg/ml) 113 by Elite Pharma, Sheikhupura (used for heartburn and stomach ulcers)
  • injection Metoclop (Metoclopramide HCl)10mg/2ml) DE289 by Munawar Pharma, Lahore (used to control vomiting and nausea after surgery and chemotherapy)
  • injection Btrol (Tranexamic acid 500mg/5ml) BT19014 by Bosch Pharmaceuticals, Karachi (treats heavy bleeding after surgery)
  • injection Transolide (Tranexamic Acid 250mg) 19A038, 19B041, 19C053, 19C051 by Global Pharmaceuticals, Islamabad (treats heavy bleeding after surgery)
  • infusion Flazol 100ml (Metronidazole 500mg/100ml) F19125 (used for bacterial infections)
  • Injection Aquabio (water for injection 5ml) W-095 by Bio-Labs
  • Tablet Famila 28F (Ethinyloestradiol 0.03mg, Levonorgestrel 0.15mg) J324, J302,J304,J317, J314, J311, J326, J322, J324, J323, J325, J333, J298, J292, J303, J327, J331, J307, J328, J300, J296, J291, J306, J297, J295, J287, J293, J308, J301, J288, J289, J299, J294, J330, J320, J312, J310, J315, J321, J305, J318, J313, J343, J337, J342, J340, J338, J344, J334, J335, J336, J329, J309, J319, J332, J316, J341, J305, J339 Manufactured by Zafa Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Karachi (a hormonal contraceptive)

All retailers including pharmacies, medical stores, wholesalers, distributors and health facilities, have been directed to immediately stop selling these medicines and update their local drug inspectors regarding their current inventory and consumption record, according to an official notification.

Patients and healthcare professionals are also advised to stop using medicines from these batches immediately as they may be harmful.

SAMAA Digital was not able to speak to the provincial drug regulatory body to find out why the drugs have been recalled. This story will be updated once they respond.

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