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Muslim parents in the UK refuse ‘non-halal’ children’s flu vaccine

SAMAA | - Posted: Jul 29, 2019 | Last Updated: 12 months ago
Posted: Jul 29, 2019 | Last Updated: 12 months ago
Muslim parents in the UK refuse ‘non-halal’ children’s flu vaccine

Photo: AFP

Muslims parents in England refused to permit their children to get flu vaccines after the Muslim Council of Britain ruled the treatment is ‘non-halal’.

Public health officials are concerned over the increasing number of Muslim children expected to be withdrawn from a major flu vaccine drive, The Telegraph reported.

The programme is set to begin in schools next month. Every child of primary school age will be offered a nasal spray to protect people of all ages from the virus.

However, Muslim parents have been told that the Fluenz spray is forbidden by Islam because it contains gelatin — derived from pigs, which are considered unclean.

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The situation will add to the “risk of major flu outbreaks”, the Royal College of Public Health said. It urged the government to provide a halal alternative to the vaccine.

There is an alternative to the spray without gelatin, but that is only offered to kids at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

The programme has led to a reduction in flu cases. The nasal vaccine has been available since 2013 and was gradually offered to healthy nursery-aged children.

“We have consulted scholars and this is their view… we need another vaccine which is halal,” Dr Shuja Shafi, the chairperson of the Muslim Council of Britain’s research and documentation committee said.

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  1. Rishat  July 29, 2019 3:54 pm/ Reply

    Inborn immunity – the body’s ability to neutralize an alien and potentially dangerous biomaterial preventing them from entering the body.

    acquired immunity — the body’s ability to neutralize foreign and potentially dangerous microorganisms (or toxin molecules) that have already entered the body. It is the result of a system of highly specialized cells (lymphocytes) located throughout the body. I have 6 lymphocytes, 1 10 * 9 at a rate of 3.0 10 * 9 A local immunologist said that lymphocytosis may be due to the activity of T cells. The general analysis was taken from the finger. Researchers in Australia said that “killer T-cells”, found in more than half of the world’s population, showed that they were effective in testing against all common types of flu. I just want to clarify that the “deadly T-cells” found in more than half of the world’s population have innate immunity. I have acquired immunity. From the above, it appears that the vaccine can only be made from acquired immunity. I want to help in the treatment of influenza. I am a Muslim 5 times a day I read namaz.

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