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In pictures: The art of making sawaiyan

May 21, 2019
In pictures: The art of making sawaiyan

Pic19-023 LAHORE: May19- A worker is busy in preparing of thin vermicelli (Sevaian) for drying at a factory in the holy fasting month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak at a Baghban Pura Factory. purpose, Muslims all over the world used to make a traditional sweet dish 'sheerkhurma 'popular during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan purpose, prepared for the upcoming Eidul Fitr. ”The holiest month in the Islamic calendar during which devotees fast from dawn till dust. ONLINE PHOTO by Sajid Rana

Eid is incomplete without the warm, creamy and sweet goodness of a perfectly cooked sheer korma. It is a traditional festive breakfast for Muslims all over the world.

However, have you ever wondered where the sawaiyan (thin vermicelli) come from?

Here’s how sawaiyan are prepared at a factory in Baghbanpura, Lahore.

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Long strands of sawaiyan hang from wooden planks as labourers’ faces and clothes whiten from the flour. The worker puts maida flour and semolina into a machine to prepare the dough.

It is put in another machine which scraps it into fine strands. They are then laid out onto wooden planks and placed underneath the sun to dry.

The strands are put into a cutting machine which is split into pieces and baked. They are then gathered for packaging.

Photos by ONLINE


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