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An expert’s guide for strong, shiny hair

Reporting | - Posted: Oct 3, 2020 | Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Posted: Oct 3, 2020 | Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
An expert’s guide for strong, shiny hair

Photo: AFP

Hair problems are an important health concern for people and with so many totkas and home remedies circulating on the internet, it becomes confusing to know what to include in your hair care routine.

Dr Seema Hirji, a dermatologist and cosmetologist in Karachi, shared some tips to lessen our hair worries.

Healthy diet

Nutritional deficiencies, for example an iron deficiency can lead to hair loss in women. Awareness on this issue is not very widespread, but in many cases, it starts in childhood, said Dr Hirji.

“We can start by eating iron-rich food such as beef, fish, spinach, broccoli, and apples,” she advised, adding that a combination of nutrients is important for cellular function.

Drinking lots of water will also keep your skin and hair hydrated, and will reflect in the form of clear skin and shiny hair.

Oil and wash your hair regularly

People think that regular hair washes cause damage. According to Dr Hirji, the hair follicle, the root of the hair, is a living organ. It needs a clean scalp to grow. The use of hard water, pollution and dirt slow down the activity of the hair follicle and weaken your hair, so it is necessary to keep your scalp clean.

“Oil your hair before every wash, and leave it on for two to three hours maximum,” advised Dr Hirji adding that oiling restores the outer protective layer of hair.

“Use warm oil to massage your scalp. It increases blood circulation, which provides more nutrients to your hair follicle. It soothes you as well. Massage your hair strands to straighten them.”

Anti-dandruff shampoos

Dandruff also causes hair loss. According to Dr Hirji, it is not just dryness; it’s a fungus that is present in the scalp. In some people, it becomes very active and stimulates cells which causes excessive cell growth and leads to dandruff.

People are hesitant to use medicated shampoos but they are really helpful, said Dr Hirji. They are antifungal, which improves the health of your hair.

“I have done a lot of research on this topic. That is why I would say that antifungal shampoos are beneficial not only for treating dandruff, but in ordinary hair loss too,” she said, adding that if you don’t want to use prescribed medicated shampoos, you should use well-known anti-dandruff shampoos.

Some medicated shampoos also treat male-pattern baldness. They block the flow of testosterones in hair follicles and make them inactive.

Use wooden combs

To keep your hair healthy, stop using hair brushes. Instead, comb your hair. Wooden combs with thick teeth and large spaces in between are preferred as plastic combs weaken your hair. 

Onion juice

According to Dr Hirji, onion juice is also good for your hair. It acts as an irritant on the scalp to stimulate dead hair follicles. 

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