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Ushna Shah questions society’s double standards over women’s clothing

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 16, 2019 | Last Updated: 8 months ago
Posted: Nov 16, 2019 | Last Updated: 8 months ago
Ushna Shah questions society’s double standards over women’s clothing

Actor Ushna Shah called out people for their double standards when they judge women’s clothing.

In an Instagram post, she highlighted many problems that exist in Pakistan.

“In a country where a picture with my bare arms warrants being asked the question ‘Are you Muslim’ repeatedly, why is there so much moral corruption?” she wrote.

The Lashkara actor said that Pakistan has topped the list of the most porn searching country, yet there is an army of piety trolls issuing online fatwas against actresses baring their arms. “Something isn’t adding up,” she added. ⁣

“Could it be that the over-segregation, over sexualising the most basic aspects of a woman’s body and the strictest taboos against any hint of sexuality have created a sickness beyond repair?” said the post.

Referring to a Human Rights study, the actor highlighted that there is a rape every two hours and a gang rape every hour in Pakistan, which are only the reported cases. “A woman’s honour here can be bartered but Mukhtaran Mai’s gang rape was sanctioned,” she added.

Ushna shared her early experiences of hearing about rape cases in Pakistan. “When I was only six, within one summer in Pakistan, I learnt of two rapes: a housekeeper’s seven-year-old daughter by the head of the local mosque, in the mosque.

“And a six year old raped, killed, dismembered and left in a sack on the tableegi jamaat grounds. This was one summer in Pakistan and both of these atrocities happened near my house, hence I knew about them.”

The actor clarified that she is not demeaning her country, but simply stating facts and asking why these figures are so high in our nation.⁣

She also posted a picture from a protest held for Nimrita Kumari, a young aspiring doctor found dead in her university dorm.

“The officials at Bibi Aseefa Dental College cited her murder as a suicide. Upon the insistence of her brothers (esteemed doctors) an autopsy was performed and it was confirmed that she was murdered. Recently it was revealed Nimrita was also raped prior to being killed,” she wrote on Instagram.

She added that rape has always plagued mankind, especially the subcontinent, but because she lives in Pakistan she would like to question our society.

According to a copy of the post-mortem report from November 6, Chandka Medical College Hospital Larkana Women Medical Officer Dr Amrita has observed that Nimrita died of asphyxiation.

SAMAA Digital got in touch with Sarah Zaman, a former director of War Against Rape, to understand Nimrita’s autopsy report and how an autopsy report differs from other medical reports.

Autopsy reports, Zaman said, provide cause of death and details related to available evidence. She said it is accompanied by other medical reports, which include a medico-legal examination report, chemical and forensic tests, DNA sampling, toxicology, radiopathy reports, etc, depending on the nature of a case and tests required.

The report read: “The constriction of the neck from outside by ligating material (narrower in width as self-explaining from ligature mark present on the neck to be compared to the recovered ligature with configuration of ligature mark-advised) has caused the death of deceased by producing asphyxial signs.”

The report establishes that male DNA was found on the deceased. It says the forensic and molecular biology lab reports detected “male DNA profile obtained from semen stains/sperm fractions from HVS and clothes indicates sexual act with deceased.”

Zaman says neither autopsy reports nor medico-legal reports are supposed to out-rightly say if a person was raped.

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