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Fiza Ali reveals her father ‘physically abused’ her mother

SAMAA | - Posted: Sep 5, 2019 | Last Updated: 5 months ago
Posted: Sep 5, 2019 | Last Updated: 5 months ago
Fiza Ali reveals her father ‘physically abused’ her mother

Photo: Fiza Ali/ Instagram

Pakistani actor and host Fiza Ali who is known for not giving many interviews and not talking about her personal life revealed that her father used to beat her mother, even when she was pregnant.

“My father once hit my mother so badly that she injured her lower jaw to the extent there was the blood everywhere. That is something which the neighbours told me about later,” she said in an interview to GNN.

Ali shared that her father never looked after her mother or his children. He never earned for the family but her mother came from an affluent background, she said.

“My father’s side of the family was quite stable and well-off but my father just wouldn’t do any work for a living,” said Ali. She added that her mother, on the other hand, came from a very wealthy family so her father used to ask her for money. “He would hit my mother if she refused to give him money and that is possibly the only time he would speak to her.”

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My mother did everything for us, she also played the role which my father was supposed to play in our lives, said Ali, adding that her father means nothing to her. “He was my mother’s husband and that’s it,” she said.

Ali also said that the fact that her father never looked after them and abused her mother physically affected her friendships too. She said she was never friends with girls who were close to their fathers. If a girl said she loved her father, it meant she could never be Ali’s friend.

“I grew jealous of other kids at school. Their fathers used to pick them up and they would boast about getting presents from them. As a result, I never became friends with children who had healthy relationships with their dads,” revealed Ali.

Ali also shared that most of her friends did not have fathers and that was something she was most comfortable with. In order to avoid talking about her father, Ali started telling people that her had died. In truth, she has no idea where he is.

However, the actor has said that she has forgiven her father for what he did to her just because he was her mother’s husband, not because he was her father. “What he did to us was very, very unfair,” she concluded.

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