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First new chocolate in 80 years makes its US debut

May 18, 2019

Photo: Barry Callebaut AG

There’s white, milk and dark chocolate. Now, Americans are being offered naturally pink ruby chocolate.

Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate market, is finally getting a taste of the ruby range, the first new type of chocolate in more than 80 years.

The treat is made from ruby cocoa beans that are found in Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. It has a natural berry flavour that’s sour yet sweet. Barry Callebaut described the taste of the chocolate as “intense.” It is not bitter or sweet but fruity and smooth, the company described in a previous news release.

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Barry Callebaut announced the creation of ruby chocolate in September 2017 after a decade of development. Ruby first hit the consumer market in January 2018, when Nestle debuted its pink KitKat bars in Japan.

But there are still some hurdles. The Swiss firm will have to wait for approval from the Food and Drug Administration to be able to call it “chocolate.”

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