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Rice Station – For the love of Rice!

February 24, 2017


By: Filza Jawad Hai

A well spent Sunday afternoon in a homelike environment at Rice Station, located adjacent pizza point on Badar commercial. It’s a rustic themed, three storied walk-in café with a great concept of various rice dishes. It’s ‘the place’ for all you rice lovers out there.

Rice Station is not just serving traditional rice dishes like biryani, daal chawal, matar and channa pulao, but they are also serving a fine variety of Chinese and Iranian dishes.

Their complimentary welcome poppadum (pappar) was served thin, hot and crisp. It had a very different flavor with mild masala seasoned over it. A great snack to begin with.


Corn soup was a healthy bowl of comfortable food. It had the depth of flavors, slight heat of white pepper and a generous amount of chicken chunks and corns.


The Biryani is an absolute winner on the menu. It is as delightful platter as it looks accompanied by timatar and mint chutney, and green raita. It’s a huge helping of spiced up comfort food, quite familiar to what our mothers make at home on a fine Sunday afternoon. There are options of choosing prawn, chicken or beef biryani. The freshness of spices and herbs can be felt in every bite. The quality of rice is fine and long, each grain separated from each other and so full of flavor.


In order to maintain their rice based theme they didn’t miss out on the diet conscious people. It’s probably the first place of biryani that offers biryani in brown rice too.

That one thing I would want to back to Rice station is their daal. It one of those few daal’s I’ve had that has a pure moong ki daal’s flavor in it, not over done with any masalas or bhagar, just a simple and delicious dish. Buttery rice and shami kebab are accompanied by it, the all-time favorite combo. You might ask for pappar just to add some crispy texture to the combination of daal chawal and shami kebab.

The overall experience was pretty satisfying after having a great deal of food in just Rs.700 (with drinks), one of more reasons for recommending this place to you all. The staff was extremely efficient and welcoming throughout. They also offered complimentary zarda or kheer, something I will have to save my appetite for the next time I visit them.

If you want to enjoy Premium quality food at a very reasonable price in a hygienic environment and a hospitable staff, then Rice station is just the place to visit. Every dish is totally worth going back for!



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