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New Year without Resolutions

SAMAA | - Posted: Dec 24, 2016 | Last Updated: 5 years ago
Posted: Dec 24, 2016 | Last Updated: 5 years ago



Written by: Zia Ur Rahman

I heard someone saying, ‘let’s make some new resolutions for the next year’. ‘New Year’ with new resolutions I murmured.

What does it mean by having a new year in your pocket? (I raised a question in my mind)

Around the world, 1st January is usually welcomed by a bunch of different ceremonies. Everyone expresses jubilation over the arrival of the New Year. People make new promises to improve themselves and set their new goals and ambitions. They review their past mistakes and eagerly look for digging out the new ways to their destinations.


We learn new things after making mistakes but sometimes it is really futile and vein when we keep repeating our mistakes. A lot of people fail to accomplish their goals resulting in making, “No more any new year’s resolutions”. In the start of every year we take new decisions to transform our lives to make them better but the problem arises when we don’t implement them.

A few days back, I met a friend who was looking pale and heart-broken. I inquired, she told me that she is really disappointed being totally unsuccessful in accomplishing her goals and tasks set for this year. According to her, she worked really hard to achieve her goals but the overall circumstances were not in her favor. It’s only the “Fate” that is the cause of her failure and fiasco. So she decided not to make any new resolution for 2017 because she can’t handle the pain of her failure.


So I thought maybe she is right! Fate plays an important part in your life because resolutions that I made for my 2016 have also not been accomplished properly. I have made strenuous struggle to achieve what I was longing for and have obtained some of them but there are some decisions of our lives that have already been written in our fate.


Anyhow, there are some ways to achieve your tasks made for the New Year. First of all, don’t over-burden yourself to achieve your goals. Secondly, when you plan something try to implement it properly. Thirdly, “nothing is impossible” to make things possible you need to set specific time frame or a dead line for the completion of your task. And last but not the least is your sincere efforts that matters a lot.






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