Living closer to parks may benefit children with asthma

September 11, 2017
By: Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: Kids suffering from asthma may suffer less if they live closer to parks and green spaces, a study suggests.

Researchers, including those from Johns Hopkins University in the US, noted that children had one extra day when they suffered with asthma symptoms for every 305 meters between their home and the park, Health News reported.

A child who lives next to a park had an average of five symptomatic days and a child living 305 meters from the park had six symptomatic days, they said.

Among older children, those living next to the park had an average of five symptomatic days, whereas a child living only 152 meters from the park had six symptomatic days, researchers said.

“Living in a city environment increases the risk of childhood asthma, and factors associated with city-living – such as air pollution – are also known to contribute to high rates of poorly controlled asthma,” said Kelli DePriest from Johns Hopkins University.

“The effect looks strongest for children aged six years and older. This might be because they have more freedom to choose where they want to go compared to younger children,” DePriest said. –APP

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Story first published: 11th September 2017


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