Measles epidemic feared in Karachi

February 27, 2017
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ISLAMABAD: The number of children inflicted with measles and pneumonia is increasing in interior Sindh and Karachi, the health expert said.

Pakistan Paediatric Association President, Dr Jamal Raza talking to a private news channel said measles is a fatal disease which can be prevented by getting the child vaccinated first in nine months and for the second time in 15 months.

He said measles is a contagious disease which could spread from one child to another by touch.

The officials of Pakistan Paediatric Association have alerted the authorities concerned, saying if an anti-measles drive is not started at the earliest, the disease would be turned into an epidemic as most areas in Karachi have reportedly been affected by the disease.

He said that the disease was reported when EPI did not carry out a second vaccination drive that was necessary since children were supposed to get booster injections so that immunisation could be made more active in their bodies.

According to a website on medical and life sciences, measles is a serious disease caused by a virus. The disease has been said to be the leading cause of death among children across the globe.

The virus that causes measles grows in the cells on the back of the throat and lungs, the website stated.  –APP

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Story first published: 27th February 2017


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