One-third of Russia’s population will be Muslim by 2034, predicts chief mufti

Ravil Gainutdin, chairmperson of the Council of Muftis. Photo: Courtesy Alexander Avilov/ Moskva News Agency

Around 30% of the country’s population will be Muslim within 15 years, predicted Ravil Gainutdin, the chairperson of Russia’s Council of Muftis.

The Moscow Times website reported the grand mufti as telling the Muslim community in Russia, “According to experts, Russia’s population will increase to 30 percent in a decade and a half.”

The article wrote he said that North Caucasus and the republic of Tarastan which are Russia’s Muslim-majority regions have the highest birth rates.

The Muslim population of Russia lies between 14 million and 20 million people, according to an estimate. The increasing population also means that new mosques will need to be built in major cities, said Gainutdin at a forum on Monday.

“There won’t be any Russians left in 2050,” an official in Russia’s Orthodox Church, Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov agreed with the mufti’s statement.

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