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Iranian couple arrested over public proposal

March 10 , 2019

Photo: AFP

An Iranian couple were arrested after the man proposed to the woman in a shopping centre in the northern city of Arak.

A video of the public proposal was shared on social media and showed them standing in a ring of rose petals and hugging after the woman says yes. The crowd cheered and celebrated with them.

BBC reported that soon after, the pair were arrested because they had ā€œcontravened Islamic principlesā€. Men and women mixing together and public displays of affection are severely restricted under Iranā€™s laws.

Mahmoud Khalaji, the deputy police commander of Markazi province, told Iran’s Fars news agency that the couple had been taken into custody due to the “public’s demand”. He said they were detained for “outraging public decency, which is an influence of the degenerate Western culture”.

Khalaji added that they had been released on bail.

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    Abc   March 11, 2019 4:41 am/ Reply

    Islam is great

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