Islamic State leader reportedly escapes attempt on his life

This file photo taken on July 5, 2014 shows the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, speaking in Mosul. (AFP)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an absconding leader of the militant Islamic State, survived an internal coup after some of his fighter’s tried to assassinate him in the Syrian city of Hajin, the Guardian reported.

According to the British newspaper, the incident was believed to have taken place on January 10. The militant group has been on the back foot for the last couple of months after it suffered defeats in the battlefield.

According to media reports, the group has a presence in Syria but they are mostly interested in hit-and-run attacks.

Abu Muath al-Jaziri, believed to be a foreign fighter, was behind the attempt on Baghdadi’s life.

However, his personal bodyguards saved him and took him away to a nearby desert.

“They got wind of it just in time,” an intelligence official told the Guardian. “There was a clash and two people were killed. This was the foreign fighter element, some of his most trusted people.”

The Islamic State is offering a reward to whoever kills al-Jaziri.

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