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Bosses from hell: Chinese employees forced to drink urine and eat cockroaches

November 7, 2018

Thought your boss was bad? Managers of a Chinese firm have been jailed for forcing staff to drink urine and eat cockroaches for failing to meet sales targets.

Police arrested the managers after videos of them whipping employees with a belt and forcing them to drink yellow liquid emerged on social media.

The three accused managers were jailed for five to 10 days after the incident, reported the South China Morning Post.

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A video went viral on Chinese social media site Weibo in which a male employee was being beaten with a belt. Other employees can be seen drinking yellow liquid from plastic cups while holding their noses. The video has been viewed almost 540,000 times.

Screenshots of the managers threatening staff to eat cockroaches for poor performance also emerged.

The company is reported to have  a history of shaming and punishing its staff by making them drink toilet water, vinegar and shaving their heads. It had not paid its employees for the last two months.


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