14 preschoolers in China injured by woman wielding a knife

Photo: Chongqing Broadcasting Group’s Weibo account

At least 14 children were injured on Friday in a knife attack at a kindergarten in Chongqing, south-west China, reported BBC.

Police say a 39-year-old woman carrying a kitchen knife entered the school in the Banan district on Friday morning, as the children were in the playground.

The motive for the attack is unclear, though some reports on social media say the woman had a grievance against the government. The woman, whose surname was given as Liu, was arrested at the scene.

Videos circulating on social media show injured children being led out of the school, some with knife wounds on their faces. Other footage appears to show police taking the alleged attacker away.

Police have denied media reports that two children died, using social media to urge people not to pass on “rumours”.

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