Students in Dhaka want road safety and aren’t afraid to protest for it

Students in Dhaka have taken to the streets, protesting against reckless drivers and demanding justice after the death of two students in a road accident.

The movement spread across the Bangladesh’s capital, with youths from schools, colleges and universities joining in, reported the Dhaka Tribune.

Following the death of two students on Dhaka’s Airport Road on Sunday, hundreds of students from different schools and colleges have been protesting at different points demanding road safety.

Students demanded punishment for the drivers of the buses responsible for the death of the two students of Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College.

Others demanded that Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan resign and apologise for his remarks on the incident.

The government announced on Wednesday that all educational institutions across the country would be closed on Thursday, amid the raging protests.

Aside from taking the streets, people are also showing support for the protests on social media, posting on Facebook and demanding justice and safe roads.

A group of students assaulted on Thursday a traffic sergeant of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police and set his motorcycle on fire near the Labaid Hospital in Dhaka’s Dhanmondi. 

The students, who have been enforcing traffic laws on their own for the past few days around the city, had stopped Sergeant Bayezid and wanted to see his driving licence but he refused and misbehaved with them, according to witnesses.

The police official also shoved a student down on the ground and went for his baton, angering the already agitated students who ended up beating him up.

His motorcycle was also vandalised and set on fire by the protesters. Afterwards, Bayezid managed to flee and take shelter in a police box at the nearby Science Laboratory intersection.

The students also blocked off the Ashikpur bypass on the Dhaka-Tangail Highway.