Congress distances itself from suspended leader after pro-Pakistan remarks

February 14, 2018

India’s main opposition party Congress on Wednesday distanced itself from the remarks made by a suspended leader that he receives “much more hatred in India than the love he receives in Pakistan,” Indian Express reported.


Mani Shankar Aiyar doesn’t have any right to speak on the behalf of the party, a Congress spokesman said.


“The remark is his own, he is suspended from the Congress party. He doesn’t have any right to speak on the behalf of the party,” Indian news agency ANI quoted Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi as saying in a press conference.


Aiyar, who was in Pakistan to attend the Karachi Literature Festival, said he receives “much more hatred in India” than the love showered on him by people in Pakistan. He also said people applaud him in Pakistan because he talks of peace.


“Thousands of people, whom I don’t know, hug me, wish me. I receive much more hatred in India than the love I receive in Pakistan. So I am happy to be here. They are clapping for me because I speak of peace,” Aiyar told ANI.


On Monday, Shankar called for “uninterrupted and uninterruptible” talks between India and Pakistan to resolve longstanding issues.


He was quoted as saying that he regrets that New Delhi doesn’t reciprocate Islamabad’s push to resolve issues through dialogue.


“And I am very proud and half very sad that this sentence of these three words has been accepted as Pakistan policy, but has not been accepted as Indian policy,” he was quoted as saying. Web Desk