The entire Trump-tantrum-on-no-gorilla-channel was a hoax and Western media fell for it

January 7, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

NEWS DESK: While it seemed very believable given that it was about Donald Trump, the entire story about the US president throwing a tantrum over not having a Gorilla Channel on TV at the White House was a hoax. One that the Western media fell for.

In fact, the hoax was so widely believed that Netflix US was compelled to tweet out not to ask them if they have a Gorilla Channel.

It all began with cartoonist Ben Ward, who uses the handle @pixelatedboat, tweeting out a screenshot of a supposed excerpt from the much-debated “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, a new book by Michael Wolff. Except that the screenshot was not real. However, we all have to agree that it was indeed hilarious! Check it out:

According to the fake excerpt, “On his first night in the White House, President Trump complained that the TV in his bedroom was broken, because it didn’t have ‘the gorilla channel’. Trump seemed to be under the impression that a TV channel existed that screened nothing but gorilla content, 24 hours a day.”

Even Eric Garland fell for it!

Gorilla Channel has definitely provided us material for the best memes of this year already! Some of them are already pouring in:

Meanwhile, Ward realized the monster he had created and tweeted:

But even he knew that this was SO believable. Because Trump.