This neo-Nazi drove a van into a curry house with aim of ‘killing a Muslim’

December 5, 2017

NEWS DESK: A Polish-born Britain First supporter who said he wanted to “kill a Muslim” gave a Nazi salute and shouted “white power” before driving at a curry house owner, a court has heard, reported The Independent.

Marek Zakrocki, 48, launched his drunken attack outside Spicy Night, a takeaway in Harrow, north-west London, on the first anniversary of the Brexit vote on 23 June.

Window-fitter Zakrocki was charged with attempted murder before he pleaded guilty to the lesser charges of dangerous driving and beating his wife.

The court heard he had drunk two bottles of wine before grabbing his wife’s arm and threatening to “kill people” and himself.

During a racist rampage around Harrow, Zakrocki made a Nazi salute, pushed an unknown Asian man and repeatedly shouted “white power”.

His concerned daughter called 999 after he left the family home making threats, and during a phone call with police, Zakrocki told them: “I’m going to kill a Muslim. I’m doing it for Britain.

“This is how I’m going to help the country. You people cannot do anything. I am going to do it my way because that is what I think is right.”

He ended up outside Spicy Night restaurant, blocking the road with his white van.

Following an altercation in the street, he started the engine and aimed the vehicle at restaurant owner Kamal Ahmed.

Zakrocki mounted the pavement as he twice drove at his intended victim, who was forced to jump out of the way.

After he was arrested by armed police, the defendant was found to be in possession of a kitchen knife and baton-torch.

Police found a Nazi coin in Zakrocki’s pocket and a stash of Britain First flyers and newspapers at his home in Harrow.

In an interview, he told police officers he had no recollection of what happened after he had drunk the wine, and denied he was racist.

But the court heard Zakrocki appeared to be “fixated” by Muslims and said he had made donations to Britain First in the past.

Mr Barry said the defendant appeared to have a history of depressive illness and alcohol problems.

He told the court that Britain First was an anti-Muslim group formed by former BNP members which held views that were regarded by most people as “very extreme indeed”.

Charges of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm and having a knife in Northolt Road, Harrow, were ordered to lie on file.

Judge Anthony Leonard QC ordered a report in Zakrocki’s mental health but warned he was considering a jail sentence.

He was remanded in custody to be sentenced on 12 January.